How Can We Help You?

I need a website urgently, can you help?2019-08-04T00:06:28+00:00

We do not operate like many other service providers that take on tight deadlines. We do not put pressure on our team, and we do not promote the motivational technique of working under pressure. However, we do tend to achieve exactly the same outcomes and our rejection of deadlines does not mean that we are not quick with our work. Delays with project completion are almost always due to the client and we would like to be transparent about our working ethics before we provide a project proposal.

Can I buy my domain name from you?2019-08-03T22:30:49+00:00

We very much recommend you purchase and manage your own domain name. After we discuss the domain that you would like we will direct you to a competitive domain registrar for the associated domain. As a general guide a .com domain will cost $11 a year and we recommend that you purchase the domain for a minimum of 2 years.

How do academic study partners work?2019-08-02T18:45:54+00:00

We pair you with the most suitable study partner and we work with you to understand your academic requirements, including your study proposal and related arguments, your research methods and audience and proceed to arrange the content and structure of each chapter. Our study partners can suggest previous research studies and bring snippets and citations for inclusion, adhering to your method of reference. The final draft will be a continuous and academically professional narrative to present your thoughts, ideas and findings resulting in a solid manuscript for publication.

I would like a translation completed urgently2019-08-02T18:45:16+00:00

We consider all requests and can prioritise urgent requirements, we request that you send us an email explaining your time restrictions and the content that you require translated. We have several team members monitoring our mailbox who will ensure that the correct translator/s are available before responding to you and setting an expectation.

I have the design for my website, can you put it together?2019-08-02T18:44:49+00:00

Indeed, this is the most effective way of approaching our website creation services. We believe that where we exceed the services of mainstream webdesign companies is in our ability to work closely with our clients at whatever pace is required to ensure the end product is a collaboration of your visual expectations and our technical abilities to provide a personalised ascetic on a powerful and responsive platform.

Do you provide website hosting?2019-09-27T00:16:55+00:00

No. Unlike other website designers, we don’t encourage the selling on of services as it can cause complications in the future. We direct you to our preferred hosting, which we believe is the cheapest available, provides good services and fantastic online chat support. Then, it is your responsibility to decide if you are going to renew your services or if you would like to update the website, activate a new email address etc, you have the personal choice of what to do.

Do I need an ISBN to sell my e-book on Amazon?2018-03-07T21:51:36+00:00

No, Amazon does not require that your eBook has a registered ISBN to be submitted for their Kindle on-line service.

Can you translate my work of fiction?2019-08-02T18:45:39+00:00

We accept all projects for initial discussion with our team. What is important to us is that the correct service is matched with the correct area of support to ensure we can set an expectation and deliver on that expectation. Send us your initial request and we can respond more personally.

I do not have a digital copy of my book, can you still create an e-book?2019-08-02T18:45:45+00:00

We can copy a physical edition of a text to digital before producing the set of digital ebooks. Please contact us to let us know how you would like to send the publication so that we can prepare for its arrival.