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…an autonomous co-working of multilingual language and media professionals who came together to form a translation and multimedia house. Typeface is the collaboration of our ideas and abilities coming together. Our services are available to any accepted proposal but we retain priority for students, NGOs, Research Institutes and Not For Profit organisations.

Each of us brings a different set of skills into the project arena for Typeface. We have a shared approach to all our projects, where we expand our individual vision to produce an authentic and unique blend of idea organisation. Our translations for example, go through several drafts and approvals, overseen by the team before being presented.

Our individual stories are presented below, but we feel that you’ll get to know us in your own way once you’ve travelled through our personal and patient work process. We do hope you enjoy looking around and invite you to contact us if you have any questions.



Our master wordsmith, Amy is the poetic soul within our creative writing team. A background in forensic psychology and critical report writing have given us our amiable word detective. Born in Jane Austen’s county Hampshire, in southern England, Amy has relocated several times to reside in Turkey, Italy and around South America, developing her British tongue with a mix of dialects. Amy has taught English language skills to over 300 students online, tutors professional document writing, translates sensitive prose and gets creative in our marketing and media areas. Armed with a Canon EOS Rebel T4i, Amy brings a personal love of nature and landscape photography to our team.




Growing up in the south of Brazil, surrounded by inspiring natural beauty Marcelo had always been inclined towards capturing the moment and began photography at an early age which developed into a broad career of fashion and event photography and video editing. Apt with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and more recently Affinity Designer Marcelo has managed many digital publication projects where a professional finish has been required. More recently involved in short documentary production Marcelo gives us a capacity to provide professional video production for website content when a more dynamic medium is preferred. Marcelo shoots with an adapted X-E1 Fujifilm.



Gereon is on the run. Currently the youngest member of the Typeface team is wanted by the Jazz-Police for having performed illegally funky polyrhythms. His hair-raising escape drove him out of his home country, Germany, and he spent several months in France, Canada and Peru, allowing almost fluency in French, English and Spanish. Also, his travels inspired him to incorporate elements of local music into his own repertoire, equipping him with a large vocabulary of musical expressions. He has handled design work, creative classes for socially challenged children and continues to build an incredible skill-set with a hugely inspirational personality and an ‘anything can be achieved’ attitude.



Wayne is a travelling extraordinaire who has visited most of our planet’s surface. His anthropological interests have brought him close to language and cultural communication. Working with Web-development and graphical packages for almost 20 years, which began as a designer and programmer role in Madrid, he began also studying technical elements of linguistics and literature alongside teaching Web Design and English. As a certified ITIL expert and Kepner-Tregoe practitioner in Root Cause Analysis, he’s a competent technical trainer and consultant with the attention to detail required for technical documentation. He’s a formidable proof-reader, translator and editor here at Typeface.



Giovani is a journalist, broadcaster and university professor. He lived and worked for a year at Radio Cidade FM in Lisbon, Portugal in 2004. He also resided in London for five years. He has a morning show on Radio Tarobá FM in Cascavel, Paraná – BR, teaches English at Wealth Systems, an inovative software company and teaches journalism and advertising at UNIVEL (University in Cascave, Paraná – BR). Giovani also possesses a strong musical inclination and plays in a local rock band.



This is Sil. She teaches Portuguese language and grammar for high school and undergraduate courses. She works in text production as a copy editor and has experience as a monitor and proofreader of Portuguese language grammar. She has a master degree in Education from UNIOESTE (University of Cascavel, Paraná – BR), where she focused on researching the work of the Brazilian humorist Henfil. She also works as a teacher of English and she is currently revising text for Pachamama Editora, a Brazilian publisher in Rio de Janeiro. Sil also has a beautiful voice and sings at local events!